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Extraordinary toys that are perfect for any special occasion!

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Pezo Pals are the world’s most adorable and CUSTOMIZABLE plush TECH toys!

Pezo Pals
Today’s New Generation Teddy Bears!
Pezo Pals are premium plush tech toys that are exclusive gifts for any special occasion. You have found today’s new generation teddy bears- Pezo Pals! Go beyond the stuffed animals, storybooks, and traditional toys with Pezo Pals. Pezo Pals are the world’s most adorable and customizable plush tech toys! Parents love Pezo Pals too! All cuddly, loveable Pezo Pals are MP3 players with interactive smart technology. Pezo Pals talk, respond, and entertain! Tradition meets with innovation as Dr. Pezo has taken the beloved teddy bear and transformed it into a high tech toy! Give an extraordinary child an extraordinary gift!
Pezo Pals
Pezo Pals Feature Six Smart Tech Modes!
Watch Pezo Pals come to life with 6 SMART TECH MODES: Story Mode, Music Mode, Interactive Mode, Learning Mode, Recording Mode, and Customizable Mode. Read about each mode below.
Pezo Pals
Story Mode!
Let your child’s imagination soar! Pezo Pals feature a STORY MODE with an exquisite collection of over a 100 preloaded children’s favorite classic stories told by talented storytellers around the world. Preloaded with adventure stories, tales, fairytales, fables, dramatic works, rhymes and classic stories. Your child will be captivated!
Pezo Pals
Music Mode!
Dance inspiration with music beats! Pezo Pals feature a MUSIC MODE that is preloaded with a special collection of fun music. Listen to music for every mood like dance beats, children sing along songs, classical beats, international rhythms, relaxation sounds,…etc. There is music for your child’s every mood!
Pezo Pals
Interactive Mode!
Watch as Pezo Pals interact with children! Pezo Pals act life-like as they talk and respond in the INTERACTIVE MODE. Children will be enchanted and delighted to interact with their favorite pals! Your child will want to take Pezo Pals everywhere they go!
Pezo Pals
Learning Mode!
Watch as Pezo Pals talk, respond, and entertain! Pezo Pals feature an LEARNING MODE, which is engaging and fun! Listen to valuable lessons! Learn greetings around the world, listen to the Pezo Pals’ character alphabet, and more!
Pezo Pals
Recording Mode!
See your child’s face light up hearing your voice as you share a special story, message, or song on Pezo Pals! Pezo Pals’ RECORDING MODE allows you to record a special audio message directly on your Pezo Pals! Simply press the record button on the toy, record your message, and immediately play back your message! Record long messages directly on your Pezo Pals MP3 Player. It is simple!
Pezo Pals
Customizable Mode!
Pezo Pals are preloaded with hours of entertainment, but they also are fully customizable! Pezo Pals can change with your children’s preferences and interests. You can personalize Pezo Pals for your child with the CUSTOMIZABLE MODE. Just go to our website at to find Pezo Pals’ online Fun Star Recorder and Fun Star Explorer. Use the Fun Star Recorder to record audio messages from any distance. These audio recordings can be uploaded in your children’s Pezo Pals. With the Fun Star Explorer, it is simple to add new audio files of your children’s favorite new stories, music and messages! Pezo Pals makes it possible and fun to stay connected with loved ones even when you are apart.