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All cuddly, loveable Pezo Pals are MP3 PLAYERS with interactive SMART technology!
Pezo Pals
About Pezo Pals
Pezo Pals are the world’s most adorable and customizable plush tech toys! The Dr. Pezo Company has exquisitely crafted Pezo Pals and these toys are sure to touch the hearts and minds of children and parents alike! All cuddly, loveable Pezo Pals are MP3 Players combined with interactive smart technology. They are pre-loaded with 24 hours of entertainment! Tradition meets with innovation as Dr. Pezo has taken the beloved teddy bear and transformed it into a high tech toy that children can’t resist! Dr. Pezo has become the destination for people looking for one-of-a-kind toys!

Pezo Pals are recognized as best choice toys for captivating children worldwide since they are dynamic… they talk, respond, and entertain! The Dr. Pezo Company has gone beyond the stuffed animals, storybooks, and traditional toys with their fully customizable Pezo Pals. Pezo Pals are today’s new generation teddy bears! These original and authentic toys are exclusively designed by the Dr. Pezo Company making them “Bearrry” unique collectibles!
Pezo Pals
What Distinguishes Pezo Pals From Other Toys?
What other toy is loaded with 24 hours of entertainment? Pezo Pals feature 24 hours of preloaded entertainment with an exceptional collection of over a 100 preloaded children’s favorite classic stories told by talented storytellers around the world, hours of fun music with a variety of beats, and a smart mode that is interactive as well as engaging. The Dr. Pezo Company recognizes that personalizing a toy is important for keeping its novelty. Pezo Pals give children and parents total control in customizing their toys. In fact, the Fun Star page at offers excellent resources and tools for finding new audio uploads or creating custom audio files.
Pezo Pals
Customize and Personalize Pezo Pals
Pezo Pals help children regularly connect with loved ones who are apart! Family or friends can use Pezo Pals’ online Fun Star Recorder featured at to easily record MP3 files of special messages, stories, or songs that can be uploaded to Pezo Pals. Children will cherish memories for a lifetime by listening to audio by family and friends with their Pezo Pals. The Dr. Pezo Company invites you to enjoy magical Pezo Pals!
Pezo Pals
Industry Leader in Custom Tech Toys
The Dr. Pezo Company creates unique brands with Pezo Pals for organizations, schools, retail, and agencies worldwide. These new generation teddy bears are especially perfect for custom design branding for organizations that support children. The Dr. Pezo Company invites you in a partnership to help your organization in your branding or fundraising projects. The Dr. Pezo research and development team will work with you to transform your vision into reality.
Pezo Pals
Our Founder’s Inspiration for Pezo Pals
The inspiration for developing Pezo Pals’ “Bear Cubs” came from a family vacation in the Florida Panhandle. We were riding our bikes on a forest path one early morning and saw a baby black bear cub up in a tree. My children fell in love with the little bear cub, so this encounter gave us inspiration to design Pezo Pals like real bear cubs!
Pezo Pals
Our Philosophy
The Dr. Pezo Company’s philosophy is based on three simple yet profound beliefs: (1) children should connect with loved ones, (2) children should transform through imaginative play, and (3) children should be genuinely happy! Pezo Pals inspire children to naturally learn, transform, and connect through play.
Pezo Pals
Pezo Pals
Pezo Pals
How it Started

An Inspirational Story from Pezo Pals’ Inventor and Creator… 10 Year Old - William

Who said that kids can’t be INVENTORS? When I was young, I would make my own experiments or what I would like to call my innovations! The number of paper airplanes with unique attachments would really make my parents crazy especially when I took paper from their favorite books to shape them and toothpaste to glue them together! Even though my projects were messy at times, I am thankful that my parents let me express myself!

Now that I am older, now 10 years old, I would say I have developed my skill as an inventor and creator. I love to design real things that are useful for people. Pezo Pals began with my idea to mix the Teddy Bear with a MP3 Player and a Personality. These three put together make the ultimate teddy bear. I am the personality behind Pezo Pals and they also come alive with children’s music, stories, and lessons!  This is a toy that gives children of all ages an instant party and keeps them connected with family.

The best part about these toys is that they let kids create and build their Pals anyway they want by downloading the coolest music or adding MP3 audio files anytime! My mission was to invent a toy that allows children to express themselves!

Nowadays, I spend my time taking classes in 5th grade, doing all the things kids enjoy doing, but I also love inventing new toys.  It makes me happy to see the smiles Pezo Pals bring to all ages! 

I wanted to share my story with other children to show them that “you can be and do whatever you want at any age. Just believe it and make it happen!”

An Inspirational Story from Pezo Pals’ Co-Creator… Dr. Alex and MOM to William

As a mother of three children and a Professor, I was inspired to develop an interactive toy with my children that keeps its novelty, stimulates children’s imagination and learning, while also keeps them connected with loved ones! MP3 Player Pezo Pals are smart as they entertain, teach, and interact!

My children had toys of every category, but these toys repeated one short message, didn’t do anything at all, or kept them like couch potatoes.  Like most parents, I would buy new toys every season since their novelty wore off quickly. With Pezo Pals, children and parents can regularly download new MP3 files from a selection of nearly 700,000 MP3 audio stories and songs, so Pezo Pals are always changing with children!

I became committed to making children’s learning experiences as enjoyable as possible. I noticed that our family’s stories, songs, and messages were my children’s favorites on Pezo Pals. I imagined other parents would love a personalized toy as well!

Also, my children needed a way to stay connected to our extended family. Loveable Pezo Pals allow you to record your own special message with your voice from near or far, which is just what children will cherish when you are away!

With the expertise of a team of educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and child experts, Pezo Pals has developed into the world’s most adorable smart tech toys that are sold in retail.