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Creative Learning

Ignite a love for learning and build brain power!

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Pezo Pals
Take Along a Perfect Travel Companion!
Make trips manageable and fun! Keep children entertained during travel or playtime with Pezo Pals! Pezo Pals are sure to be your children’s favorite travel companions with hours of preloaded audio stories, music, and interactive fun! Pezo Pals are preloaded with relaxing music for sleepy times too!
Pezo Pals
Share Magical Memories through Storytelling!
Create unique stories to upload in your children’s Pezo Pals. Include your children as main characters in an adventure story, fairytale, or personal narrative. Pick a setting, scene, and character then begin narrating your own story. Anyone can tell a story! You may not know exactly where you are going, but once you start there are so many possibilities for your story to take twists and turns! Children will love to take the journey with you. After listening to your stories, children will learn to be creative in their own storytelling!
Pezo Pals
Amaze Friends with an Extraordinary Toy!
Imagine how happy children will be to share their smart Pezo Pals with friends! Pezo Pals’ are extraordinary toys! Friends will be excited to share their stories, music, and messages! Pezo Pals inspire children to learn, transform, and connect. The possibilities of fun are endless.
Pezo Pals
Connect with Special Ones!
Keep the connection beyond any distance. Pezo Pals have extended families and special ones in mind. Watch children’s eyes light up every night for storytime as they hear their Pezo Pals come to life with the voice of loved ones like their grandparents who can tell stories, sing songs, or share special messages. Children will cherish these memories for a lifetime! With 30 hours of recording time, Pezo Pals can be custom designed to your heart’s content!
Pezo Pals
Go Beyond Long Distances!
Keep a strong bond and close connection with children when you are away. Pezo Pals can help! Share stories and messages with children from a distance. It is simple with Pezo Pals’ online Fun Star Recorder and Fun Star Explorer. Pezo Pals are perfect for families in service and abroad. Pezo Pals will comfort and remind your children you love them!
Pezo Pals
Wish and it Can Come True!
Pezo Pals are the world’s most adorable plush interactive tech toys. Resembling real bear cubs, loveable Pezo Pals are sure to be your children’s favorite pals! Pezo Pals include 24 hours of preloaded entertainment with an exceptional collection of over a 100 preloaded children’s favorite classic stories told by talented storytellers around the world, hours of fun music with a variety of beats, and a smart interactive mode with exciting lessons. Pezo Pals are unique! They are perfect for any holiday or special occasion. Personalize Pezo Pals with your own stories and messages, so love ones can hear your voice for the ultimate gift!
Pezo Pals
Be Near when You are Far!
Imagine being away from your children during business trips. This is the heartache of every parent! Pezo Pals have career parents in mind. With Pezo Pals, you can upload special messages before you leave or you can use the Fun Star Recorder to record audio messages, stories, or songs that you can send your children from a distance. It is simple! Children will feel comforted and connected.
Pezo Pals
Ignite a Love for Learning!
Pezo Pals inspire children to love to learn not only to learn! Children are born explorers! Reinforce educational lessons through interaction, discovery, and play with Pezo Pals. Let your children’s imagination soar with details about rainforests, astronomy, endangered species, famous people, history…etc. Simply upload online resources or record educational lessons directly onto your smart Pezo Pals.
Pezo Pals
Raise a Well Rounded Child!
Customize Pezo Pals with powerful stories that teach your children valuable lessons. Lessons from Pezo Pals may do just the trick in getting children to develop their character, clean their rooms, overcome their fears, be kind to others, pray for what is important, care for their siblings, deal with strangers, or sleep alone! A vivid story is worth more than a thousand words!
Pezo Pals
Inspire the Musician or Popstar Singer Within!
Watch as your children are captivated by sounds of music featured in Pezo Pals. Ignite a love for music at an early age. Music stimulates the brain and body! Children can’t resist dancing to music beats, singing with sing along songs, and playing to the rhythm of the beat! It is all about being happy! Pezo Pals are preloaded with music for every mood…including dance beats, international beats, sing along songs, classical music, and relaxation beats.
Pezo Pals
Share Messages with Pals Around the World!
Imagine a classroom assignment come to life as Pezo Pals play messages from children’s penpals or friends around the world. What a great way to learn about diversity and build friendships! Pezo Pals give children a perfect way to connect and share!
Pezo Pals
Build Amazing Brain Power!
Watch your children develop smart language skills as Pezo Pals’ audio stories, songs, and messages expose children to ample vocabulary. Also, you can upload foreign languages on your Pezo Pals and watch them transform into your childrens’ foreign language tutoring pals!
Pezo Pals
GIVE A High 5!
Pezo Pals are perfect for giving! Customers can partner with Pezo Pals to support children in their communities. Building solid communities for our children is Dr. Pezo Company’s goal. It is simple! Just become a “GIVE A High 5!” partner today through the contact link and with your sale of every Pezo Pal, the Dr. Pezo Company will give 5% of the sale proceeds directly to a cause that supports children.
Pezo Pals
Create Treasured Keepsakes!
Collect special audio recordings of messages, stories and songs from loved ones in a digital format for your Pezo Pals. This audio library keepsake will allow you to capture treasured memories for a lifetime since you can easily store your Pezo Pals’ audio MP3 files on your computer.
Pezo Pals